Internships & Work Placements

Internships options

There exist a variety of packages that TCTC Int. can provide for its students while studying at our institute. These include learning English based on different vocational specialisations such as nursing, manufacturing, IT, services industry,  health care, etc. This is normally accompanied by visits in the relevant industry so that trainees can practice what they are learning on the field.

Industry sectors

The industrial sectors that TCTC Int. has developed links with, cover a wide range of opportunities. These include hotel’s maintenance departments, hospitality, chefs, hotel’s spas, maintenance departments in the IT sector,  health care community clinics, main hospital, elderly and health homes, etc.

Support Services

TCTC Int. offers a wide selection of accommodation options such as:

  • Self-catering apartments
  • Guest’s houses
  • Hotels

Airport meet-and-greet is also provided together with other logistic support services such as transportation, excursions, cultural visits, etc.  TCTC Int. Welfare unit is responsible for all accommodation, logistics and non-academic support services.