Level 4 – Health & Social Care

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Diploma by City & Guilds UK MQF Level 4





Course Description

The health and care needs of individuals and groups are now being met in a variety of settings and services that are continually being developed. These cover a range from residential to hospital, day care services and home care. All of these services are striving to adopt the core principles of care in offering person-centered, respectful and dignified care in safe and independence enhancing environments.

This qualification is accredited locally in Malta MQRIC at Level 4 and is a core requirement to work in this field in Malta.

This course runs across one (1) year a focuses on the following modules:-

Health & Social Care Diploma Level 4 including

Module 1 – Health & Social Care

Module 2 – Nursing Assistant

Module 3 – Adult and Child First Aid

Module 4 – Maltese for Foreigners

Recognized Certification

Once successfully completed, the Health Care course is recognized at MQRIC Level 3, and worldwide through this international acclaimed City & Guilds Qualifications from UK.

Entry Requirements:

  • Commitment
  • 18 years of age or older
  • English proficiency
  • IT literate
  • Previous experience would be an asset

Job Roles May Include

  • Elderly/ Family Carers (Live In with Families)
  • Elderly Carers and/or Assistant Nurses at Elderly Homes
  • Hospital Health Carers and Assitant Nurses
  • Hospital Care workers and/or Assistant Nurses

Module 1 – Health Care Course Overview

This qualification has been designed to provide a comprehensive core programme of learning and assessment for health and care workers in a range of settings. It is aimed at staff and volunteers or any other individual who may not have other qualifications in the field.

The course is divided into 4 units.

  • 001 Developing own knowledge and practice in a care setting
  • 002 Rights, responsibilities and protection in care
  • 003 Communicating with and completing records for individuals in a care setting
  • 004 Understanding health and safety practice in a care setting

All 4 units need to successfully complete to receive certification.

Module 1 – Duration and additional Tutorials:

Module 1 of this course  runs across 16 weeks (4 months), during which 144 hours. This includes 48 hours which are based in classroom tuition, and the remaining 96 hours will be as a Job Placement experience.

Additional 12 hours of optional Class Tutorials (3 hours per Unit). This is paid upon request and if needed. These hours are set to assist students with additional revision and assignment completion assistance. The cost of this additional support/ tuition is Euro 300.00 for ALL Units i.e. 3 hours x 4.

For a separate and individual Unit Tutorial the cost is Euro 75.00 each based on ONE to ONE private tuition.

Tuition and Tutorials will be held during the week between 1700 till 2000hrs at TCTC Training venues at either Valletta, Paola or Naxxar. For full GROUP schedule and timetable please check with TCTC or scroll further down for the groups’ schedules.

It is common practice across most of the groups set, that Saturdays will be dedicated for the full day practice placement at Dar Il-Wens in Kalkara and/or Fgura. Dar il-Wens is an elderly home in which students will gain further experience in what they learn throughout the course.

Module Course Outline (Based across 4 months)

Module Description Theory Practical Total Duration
Pre Course Meeting 3 hours Nil 3 hours
Unit 1 12 hours 8 hours 20 hours
Unit 2 12 hours 8 hours 20 hours
Unit 3 9 hours 8 hours 17 hours
Unit 4 12 hours 8 hours 20 hours
Internship 48 hours 48 hours
TOTAL 48hours 80 hours 128 hours


Additional Tutorials hours:

12 hours across the course (if needed)

PAID Internship/ Job Placement hours (x10 Saturdays – 80 hours):

There are 8 Saturdays, across the duration of the course that are dedicated for on the Job Experience. This is part of the course and would need to be attended on a compulsory basis by each participant.

In addition to the above hours, additional tutorials will be held upon request, in order for students to complete their final assignment for every unit.


You must successfully complete all parts of an assignment, to a satisfactory and appropriate standard, in order to gain a pass grade for each assignment.

All activities are marked on a pass, refer or fail basis. To achieve the IVQ Diploma in Health Care, each student must pass the assignments for all four mandatory units to obtain the final certificate from City & Guilds.

You have two opportunities to submit each individual assignment. Assessors will provide precise written feedback and where necessary, further learning opportunities to maximize the candidate’s potential to succeed on their second attempt.

All the assignments will be compiled in a student passport, which will be passed on to City and Guilds for approval and certification.

Job Placement:

You will be exposed to the practical side of care work, by means of job placements at Dar il-Wens. During these placements, you will be exposed to the different facets of care work. Practice placements will be held on Saturdays (unless otherwise specified).

Students should keep a journal/ daily diary of what they did and learnt on each placement day. This written progress is fundamental and required for final certification.

The above course will commence in March-2020, and all the tuition and practical sessions will be completed by June-2020.

Module 2 – Nursing Assistant Course

Nursing assistants / nurse aides maintain patient hygiene and support doctors and nurses in diagnostic procedures and technical treatments. Some even provide direct patient care in long-term care facilities, hospitals, clinics and in the home.

Additionally, as a nursing assistant / nurse aide, you will assist in patient charting and instruction, documenting any care that is given and reporting significant observations to the nursing staff. You may also help patients with daily activities, serving a vital role in the healthcare team.

With your newly acquired skills, you can diversify into other areas of medicine, such as labor and delivery, pediatrics and geriatrics.

What You Will Learn

This course will focus on a broad range of subjects, including infection control, communication and interpersonal skills, safety and emergency procedures, personal care skills, basic restorative services and skills, basic nursing skills, quality improvement and more.

Job Outlook

According to the EU Statistics, overall employment of nursing assistants and orderlies is projected to grow between 10-12 percent from 2020 to 2028, faster than the average for all occupations. As the baby-boom population ages, nursing assistants and orderlies will be needed to assist and care for elderly patients.


Most new job opportunities will be found in nursing, elderly homes, independent homes, and residential care facilities, although some may still find employment in hospitals.

Module Course Outline (Based across 6 months)

Module Description Theory Practical Total Duration
Introduction to Health Care 18 hours 5 hours 23 hours
Nursing Arts I 18 hours 5 hours 23 hours
Nursing Arts II 18 hours 5 hours 23 hours
Nursing Arts III 12 hours 5 hours 17 hours
Internship 40 hours 40 hours
TOTAL 66 hours 60 hours 126 hours

Module 3 – Adult & Child First Aid

 A eighteen-hour course, which covers essential first aid skills that could prove vital when faced with a medical emergency both when dealing with adults and when dealing with children.  Through theoretical sessions, discussions, demonstrations and scenarios, the participants will cover a myriad of topics related to illnesses and traumatic incidents. This course is aimed at anyone aged over 14 who wants to be prepared and trained in what to do when dealing with a casualty in an out-of-hospital setting.

This is a comprehensive course aimed at preparing the participants to deal with any medical emergency since it imparts skills aimed at first aid for all ages. It aims to raise the First Aider’s confidence to perform safely and knowledgeably be it on the place of work, at home or in any other unexpected circumstances.

Module Course Outline (based across 1 month)

Module Description Theory Assignments/Practical Total Duration
General First Aid 2 hours NIL 2 hours
Adult First Aid 8 hours 2 hours 10 hours
Child First Aid 8 hours 2 hours 10 hours
Assignments 10 hours 10 hours
TOTAL 18 hours 14 hours 32 hours

Module 4 – Maltese for Foreigners

Course Outline

This basic course is designed specifically for foreigners who wish to gain knowledge of the Maltese language and are currently working, or aim to work, in the Hospitality Industry. The course is pegged to MQF Level 2 and is equivalent to 2 ECTS and will be taught by a lecturer who is specialised in teaching the Maltese language.


The objective of this programme is to help the learners pronounce, read and understand basic words, short sentences and the most common Maltese expressions. Through its teaching, the learners will become familiar with introducing oneself, saluting, and talk about the immediate self in context of the workplace environment.

Target Audience

Non-Maltese speakers are the primary target audience for this programme, nevertheless, it is also suited for expatriates that have already acquired some basic Maltese language skills, through their work-based exposure, and wish to refine and improve on their basic Maltese communication skills.

Requirements to attend this course

No particular requirements. As this course is delivered in English students need to be proficient in English Language.

Duration and frequency

Twelve (11) sessions of  3 hours duration

Total Duration is 33 hours including a 3 hour end of course assessment.

Training Methodology

The learners will be exposed to in-class learning, consisting of a variety of grammar, oral and culture exercises, through which the learner will acquire the basic communication skills in the Maltese Language

Module Course Outline (based across 2 months)

Module Description Theory Assignments Total Duration
Maltese Culture in General 2 hours NIL 2 hours
Maltese for Foreigners 28 hours 6 hours 34 hours
Assessment 3 hours 3 hours
TOTAL 33 hours 6 hours 39 hours

Course Fee

All-inclusive Official Health Care manual, additional notes and C&G Course Passport. This also includes an Internship at prospect employers.

Price on Request. Contact Us for further information

Course Intakes

Course Commencing Location
18th January 2021 Naxxar
12th March 2021 Naxxar
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