Level 3 & Level 3 Advanced in preparation for level 4 & 5 – Health & Social Care

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Health & Social Care FULL MQF-3 Certificate (with 60 Credits including Level 3 Advanced in preparation for level 4 & 5 – Health & Social Care across 1 year of training.)

Course Description:

The health and care needs of individuals and groups are now being met in a variety of settings and services that are continually being developed. These cover a range from residential to hospital, day care services and also home care. All these services are striving to adopt the core principles of care in offering person-centred, respectful and dignified care in safe and independence enhancing environments.

This qualification is accredited locally by ITS Malta at MQF Level 3, offered and delivered in collaboration with TCTC Malta. This is a core requirement to work in this field locally. This qualification comprises various modules aimed to prepare our students with a high degree of information and practical situations in a range of Health Care settings.

Course Overview:

This qualification has been designed to provide a comprehensive core programme of learning and assessment for health and care workers. It is aimed at staff and volunteers or any other individual who may not have other qualifications in the field but who aims to achieve the entry level to work in this industry.

Hereunder please find all the modules in this course.

  1. Health & Safety induction/ basics
  2. Basic Communication (Verbal and Non-Verbal) Skills in a care setting
  3. Housekeeping basics in a care setting
  4. Food Handling and Preparation in a care setting
  5. Basic First Aid in a care setting
  6. Developing own knowledge and practice in a care setting
  7. Communicating with and completing records for individuals in a care setting
  8. Understanding health and safety practice in a care setting
  9. Rights, responsibilities and protection in care
  10. Supporting Individuals to meet their personal daily living needs
  11. Supporting Individuals with Activities and Promoting Mobility
  12. Waste & Pest Control
  13. Maltese Language as issued in Care setting (Compulsory for non-Maltese students)
  14. Unpaid Internship/ Job Placement
  15. Level 3 Advanced in preparation for level 4 & 5 in Health and Social Care.

Course fee:

The complete 1-year course fee is €6,000 per person all-inclusive of certification/ registration, manual and extra notes. This also includes Unpaid internship and Job Training Practice – 500 hours across 1 year and Level 3 Advanced in preparation for level 4 & 5.

Course Admission fee:

Agency student €300 +€5 bank charges (Non-refundable)

Individual student €505 +€5 bank charges (Non-refundable)

Entry Requirements:

  • Commitment
  • 18 years of age or older
  • English Proficiency
  • IT Literate
  • Previous experience would be an asset

Job Role may include:

  • Elderly/ Family Carers (Live in with Families)
  • Elderly Carers and/or Assistant Nurses at Elderly Homes
  • Hospital Health Carers and Assistant Nurses
  • Hospital Care workers and/or Assistant Nurses

Delivery Method:

Tuition and Tutorials will be held during the week between 1700 till 2000hrs through online Zoom lectures. The delivery is blended across offline, online lectures, self-led videos and online assessments as part of the online platform. For a full GROUP schedule and timetable please check with TCTC or scroll further down for the groups’ schedules.

Job Placement:

It is common practice across most of the group’s set, that 2 days will be dedicated for a half day practice placement at Dar Il-Wens in Kalkara and/or Fgura. Dar il-Wens is an elderly home in which students will gain further experience in what they learn throughout the course.

Students should keep a journal/diary of what they did and learnt on each placement day. This written progress is fundamental and required for final Certification. A report of attendance and progress would have to be filled and completed. These template reports will be given by TCTC. This is part of the course path for this FINAL certification and is compulsory.

Method of Assessments:

Online assessments after each Unit based on Multiple choice assessment.


ITS Malta in collaboration with TCTC Malta.



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